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Hair Brush Wholesale

hair brush wholesale suppliers 毛刷批发供应商 The main products of brush are: strip brush, brush roller, spring brush, disc brush, industrial brush, industrial brush roller, cleaning brush, roller brush, small brush and various mechanical accessories brush.

Product materials are: nylon, PP, abrasive silk, bristle, horse hair, wool, steel wire, copper wire, sisal, etc.

The product is suitable for:

Food processing industry: food washing machine brush roller, fruit waxing machine brush roller, hair washing machine brush roller, peeling machine brush roller, screw brush roller, brush roller, strip brush, packaging machine brush and all kinds of different types of food machinery brush. Glass ceramics industry: glass cleaning machine brush roller, sponge suction roller, rubber roller, nylon gear, aluminum, polishing machine brush, ceramic press disk brush, press brush roller, glaze line disk brush, dust machine brush, machine room dust removal hand sweep. Textile printing and dyeing industry: setting machine wool brush wheel, wool brush belt, needle board, chain, needle board seat, needle wheel, printing machine wool brush roller, singeing machine, wool brush roller, comber wool brush roller, square brush.

Polishing and cleaning industry: bristle brush, sisal thread, cotton wheel, cotton sheet, wool wheel, horse hair wheel, bristle wheel, steel wire wheel, sander brush roller, dust removal brush roller, road sweeper square brush, disc brush, round branch brush, strip brush, floor washer disc brush, roller brush.

Hair planting processing: provide all kinds of plastic parts, hardware parts hair planting, and old hair brush for hair. Yangzhou YiLanMei Hotel Supplies Co.,Ltd, as a hair brush wholesale supplier, can produce all kinds of special-shaped brushes according to customers' drawings and physical samples. Specifications are not limited. Welcome to order!
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