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Hotel disposable products mainly include the following products: teeth, comb, razor, soap, bath cap, shampoo, bath liquid, shoe shine cloth, sewing bag, coasters, cup cover, disinfection seal, garbage bag, matches, label pen, soft paper and so on. With the worsening of the global ecological environment, people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection and green consumption.The sustainable development strategy formulated by the state council and the "three green projects" recently launched by the state economic and trade commission all put forward requirements for the sustainable development and environmental management of China's hotel industry. At the same time, due to China's accession to the WTO and Beijing's successful bid for the Olympic Games, international exchanges are increasingly frequent and green consumption has gradually become the mainstream of future consumption. For this, China hotel association also issued "green hotel standard" in 2006. Compared with the "star hotel room supplies quality and equipment requirements" issued by the national tourism administration on July 11, 1996, "Green hotel standard" put forward new requirements for the room disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and other products configuration.

The specific provisions are as follows:

The toothbrush, comb, small soap, slippers and other disposable room supplies and towels, pillowcases, bed sheets, bathrobes and other guest cotton products can change according to customer wishes and reduce the number of washing. Change (using biodegradable materials), simplify or eliminate the packaging of living and bathroom articles in the guest room.

Hotel operators in the purchase of disposable room supplies, in addition to the cost of products, usually ignore some additional costs. For example, pipe blockage, water usage, washing times, etc. These should also be taken into account when purchasing. China is a country with severe water shortage, and one of the 13 poor countries in the world with very little water resources per capita. Water is also one of the most important operating costs of the hotel. How to save water is a concern of every hotel. Note: when choosing bath and hair products, you need to consider the water consumption level, that is, how much water can be used to rinse thoroughly. Yangzhou yilanmei hotel supplies co., LTD. provides hotel shower caps wholesale business with good  quality and cheap price. Welcome to order!
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