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How Important Are Hotel Details? One-Off Slippers Should Not Be Neglected

To be a hotel is like looking at an iceberg. The place you can see should be good enough, but the place you can't see should be better so that you can't criticize it. For many hotel controllers, besides environment and service, spare parts are also the most important thing they care about when staying in a hotel. Don't think they only look after toiletries. Hotel slippers are sometimes a "travel souvenir" worth carrying away in a suitcase. Many hotels'slipper styles can not only embody brand characteristics, but also style, which makes people fond of the hotel, and the likes of the hotel are rising along the way.

However, the staff of a fast hotel revealed that the cost of disposable slippers is low, the company's uniform distribution is about 1 yuan, and the cost of disposable slippers is about 3 yuan to 5 yuan. The fast hotel receives a large amount of money in the long run and will choose a lower cost. Here we need the sincere manufacture of disposable hotel slippers manufacturers. Although the price is low, YILANMEI says it will also do the best with disposable slippers. We produce disposable slippers with cotton and velvet treatment. The sole is about 2 centimeters thick and has an anti-skid function. Generally, we do not encounter slippery slippers that cause guests to fall.

Regarding hotel details as a national face is whether people can easily find slippers by opening the door and entering the room. This seems to be a small detail, but it reflects the consumer's first need for hotel convenience. For Hotel guests, whether ordinary tourists or big-name stars, how the hotel details are done, the feeling is the same, the difference between small slippers, you can see the difference between hotels, and then magnify, is the impact on brand reputation.

The company adheres to the mission of developing environmental protection industry, strives for development with specialty, focus, and innovation, strives for survival with quality, and contributes its meager strength to the environmental protection industry.

We have our own core corporate culture. With these concepts, we will devote ourselves to the research and development and production of plastic products and provide more, better and more complete services for new and old customers.
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