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How to Choose the Right Disposable Toothbrush in the Procurement of Hotels

The classification of toothbrush

1, According to the material of the toothbrush handle, disposable toothbrush can be divided into soft plastic toothbrush, hard plastic toothbrush; 2, According to the brush distinguishment, it can be divided into sharpened wire toothbrush, nylon toothbrush, elm silk toothbrush, imitation nylon toothbrush, silk king (c) toothbrush; 3. According to the style of toothbrush, there are mainly snake head toothbrush, leaf toothbrush, mermaid toothbrush, curved toothbrush, scrub crest toothbrush, half-round crest toothbrush, large flat toothbrush, penguin toothbrush, shoe type toothbrush, Roman pillar toothbrush and so on.

How to distinguish the materials oftoothbrush

Above mentioned, the material of toothbrush is divided into soft plastic and hard plastic, so how to distinguish these two materials? A toothbrush can be dropped onto the ground in free fall. If the sound of the toothbrush landing is clear and the height of the rebound is high, then the material of the toothbrush handle is hard plastic. On the other hand, if a toothbrush doesn't bounce off the ground and snap, it's flexible.In addition, the same style with the specification of the toothbrush, hard plastic toothbrush is more easily broken than soft plastic toothbrush.

Is there a difference in quality between different soft and hard plastic toothbrushes?

The two materials are derived to adapt to the market needs of different comb styles. Specific styles can only use fixed raw materials, and there is no difference in quality between the two materials. For example, if you want to make a two-color or pure transparent toothbrush, then you have to use hard plastic, there is no other reasons. It is the production process of the product, or you want to make a semi-transparent toothbrush, then you have to choose the raw material of soft plastic.

How to distinguish the bristles?

1, Bristles can be distinguished according to the softness of the brush hair. The first thing is to sharpen the wire, the following is nylon hair, elm silk, imitation nylon, silk king (c);
2, The second method is to feel the touch of the toothbrush. Of course, it's best to try different toothbrushes yourself.

How is the price of disposable toothbrush calculated?

Toothbrush is combined with tooth brush handle and bristles. Toothbrush price is calculated by gram weight. After getting gram weight, there is a need to distinguish the materials of  tooth brush handles and  types of bristles. The price of a toothbrush comes out after the problem above is solved.

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