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Don't Worship Bulgari, These 14 Luxury Amenities are a Must Collection for the Hotelholics

The happiness of nowadays' journey is soaring with the terrific airport lounge and box-like cabin along the way, but every time arrive at a different place, what I desire most is to go back to the guest room, nip into the bathroom, to scrutinize the hotel selected amenity brands just like checking the wine bottle label, and then wash all the tiredness with the help of its attractive fragrance.



Although we will buy wonderful scented candle or bathrobe in the boutique of our favorite hotel for the sake of continuing the wonderful feeling during our stay, but those sealed bottles and jars of pleasant fragrance with elegant packing is obviously the best souvenirs of the hotel, some hotels even custom engraved soapbox with their own Logo on it, this was to encourage you to pack the used soap back to home.



There's a part in Tom Wang's novel 61 x57 said that the leading lady Jinghui Lin found all kinds of soaps taken away from hotels around the world were piled up in the wash table containers in the washroom of a "flier" couple's home. The small bathroom was thus filled with the hosts rich traveling experience. Amenities are indeed the most worth collecting souvenir of a trip, but with the exception of Bulgari and Ferragamo, there are many other brands that containing interesting ideas are awaiting you to pack them up and bring them home.

1. The Hermes


Hermes is not always using full set of dark green packaging + strong "spring of orange green " (this amenity with the highest frequency of occurrence in the hotel select the eponymous perfume that was produced by Hermes in 1979).



Hermes, starting from leather products did not only depend on their brand name do credit to their bathing products in the field, but they have created the "cologne" and "garden" bath caring series with their own perfume line.

Hermes also made a refreshing short film, which makes bathing the most desirable thing during the summer time. Despite the fact that Hermes's old acquaintance “Sofitel” has now only provided an amenity for LANVIN, Hermes is still very popular in the field of the hotel.



Dubai's Burj Al Arab seven-star hotel has always been using the whole set of Kelly and "earth" series elegant skin care products and perfumes to attracted the guests habitually, the legendary Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel and one of the world's most expensive hotel MAIA (MAIA in Greek mythology is the mother of Hermes) in Seychelles have all chosen the gentle fresh Nile series garden series to bring pleasant bath feeling to the guests. Hermes's control over fragrance makes the process of a bath just as walking in an exotic garden.

Appear place: Dubai's Burj Al Arab hotel, Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, MAIA, Barcelona ABAC

2. Aromatherapy Associates

Great Britain

Don't belittle Aman hotel's amenity as the unbranded and dateless product by a nameless factory simply because they put them in the jars that cannot be taken away. In fact, what's containing in the jars was the essential oil products produced by "the British radiotherapy association" (AA).


At the beginning of establishment in 1970, AA was just a beauty institution, later, it gradually carried the essential oil forward due to its advocacy of aromatherapy. In addition to Aman hotel, the most outstanding hotels in the hotel field like Mandarin Oriental hotel and Park Hyatt hotel are all uphold AA, even if most of their subsidiaries turned to other high standard salon perfumes, but both of them still using AA products in skin care.


At present, the most die-hard client to AA was Conrad Hilton family's high-end line, although Conrad's guest can select products from AA, Tara Smith and "Shanghai Beach" at liberty, what the hotel recommended and what the customer chooses at first are all AA.


In addition, I would like to recommend to all the travelers that the small bottle essential oil is omnipotence to the journey, which is worth keeping in the wash bag.

Appear place: Shanghai Park Hyatt hotel, Conrad



Cathay Pacific Airways Limited which is famous for its good taste not only provide first-class guest box type seats, impeccable lounge and PYE pajamas, they distribute two custom toiletry bags to the male and female passengers respectively.





Founded in 1987 at Melbourne, "Aesop" advocate natural organic and laboratory aesthetics, they always transfer the exhibits to the stylish shop decoration, and they use the brown bottle to contain things, replace shopping bags cotton cloth bags. Aesop's mouthwash bottle is the most beautiful glass container that I have ever seen, and I want to “buy the casket without the jewels” (of course the mouthwash is not speciosity, it has already become my most dependent mouthwash).



Such a special brand happen to have the same view with those hotels of high taste and with healing power, which has a cool style and a cure. In park Hyatt (Tokyo and Seoul), Capella Hotel (The flagship store in Singapore where singer Stefanie sun hold her wedding and the branch store at Shanghai Jianyeli which is about to unveiled) you can encounter the brown bottle of Aesop, their small bottle and skin care shampoo without any deliberate fragrant has already become the standard fittings of my wash bag when I go out.



Don't try to hide your worship to Aesop, I remember one time in Tokyo when I checked into Park Hyatt hotel, I said some words praising Aesop, and the service beauty immediately sent three sets of Aesop to my guest room.



This Set of four small bottles is the Jet Set Kit priced at 41 Australian dollars ( around 200 RMB) at Aesop.

Appear place: Park Hyatt (Tokyo, Seoul), Capella Hotel, New York Gramercy Park, Copenhagen Nimb



I can still remember that my first experience staying in Swire hotel was quite unpleasant, because of my preference towards the minimalist and woodiness bathtub in the Beijing Opposite House, I booked a room when I go to Beijing on a business trip, but when I arrive at the hotel that night, and open the wooden bathtub with merriment, but to find it could not put a drop of water.

appelles 1.jpg


So a long-anticipated bubble bath in a wooden tub at winter night end in a cold water bath, I do not know whether to cry or to laugh. But when I returned home and opened the body wash I haven’t got a chance to enjoy in the hotel, and it made me burst into laughter because the plant ingredients of the body wash smells just like Coca-Cola.

appelles 2 .jpg


Recently in Chengdu, I stayed in the Temple House of Swire House Collective, and they provide the amenity of the same brand, but of different formulations, after checking the information, I finally made it clear that there are three series of this Australian natural skin care products.



At the time, what I used in the Temple House was a classic series four-piece suit with beige bottle mark, which was made of wheat raw protein shampoo, pod orchid conditioner, vitamin B5 moisturizer and Polymerized grass leaf shower gel. The "cola" flavor body wash that had delighted me was made of polymerization.



The Temple Hotel adopt black label series, make liquid shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, skin care products from black grass, Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil, Salix alba L. and Hippophae rhamnoides Linn., the Temple House also specially selected material and made a black pepper soaps, echoing Sichuan spicy soaps in Chengdu. Besides, there is also a series that was made up of the flower of the goddess of the Luo River and the Egyptian plum, which are mostly based on the scene of wandering in a secret garden. I do not know whether the Swire hotel in Shanghai will introduce green label series in next year so that I can finish a complete collection.

Appear place: The Beijing Opposite House, The Chengdu Temple House, Tianmu lake WEI

5. REN

Great Britain

In Swire's three House of Collective, only The Upper House of Hong Kong adopted the skincare brand REN which was known as the world's most pure, derived from the natural plant, only this can match Andre Fu's simple and clean design for the hotel. Even the most sensitive skin can also use it without any burden.



To echo the hotel with the largest housing area in Hong Kong, the Upper House all use the whole set of REN 100 ml, and their famous wash bag even equipped with eye cream and lipstick, and it was enough to consume a for a good time at home.

6. Sodashi


This is a rather low-key Australian organic brand, which is not very well-known compared with Aesop and Appellees. My first contact with this brand was stem from a set of Sodashi amenity one of my friend brought to me from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. Don't assume that this black packaging is unimpressive, but once the natural aromatic essential oil that was extracted from plants flowing from the bottle, you will instantly understand that the brand truly earned the right to be called Sodashi (in Sanskrit it represents "thoroughly, pure and radiant").



Sodashi is still the number one amenity in my mind, however, it is not easy to buy to Sodashi products, because it doesn't possess brand boutiques like Aesop, and it's also not willing to enter the store counters, I have only seen it in the Four Season Hotel Spa center's display rack in Maldives, Milan and some other places, it was wrapped in black packaging, with a large freehand brand "S" Logo on it, it should be the Four Seasons Hotel Spa's favorite partner. Besides, the most beautiful and reclusive hotel The Siam hotel in Bangkok also has a Spa that was running Sodashi.



WATERL'EAU was born in 1992 to the family businesses of Antwerpen, Belgium, thanks to Spain's most legendary Alfonso XIII hotel chooses Waterl 'eau out of hundred brands, so that we didn't miss it, and it also let us remember the lion Logo that taking a bath in the vintage clawfoot tub.


Waterl 'eau

Waterl 'eau specializes in creating a relaxed atmosphere and healing scene for the bathroom. "Waters of the World", its most famous line of bath care products, incorporates the best scents, colors, and imagery into the bathroom.


Waterl 'eau

One of the most popular series is “The Green Deep”, which extracts the essence from green tea, and infuses it into bath and hair care products, and the refreshing aroma and soft texture has an effective healing power.The antioxidant content in green tea can also be used on the skin and hair care, and it will play a role in "rejuvenating".



Waterl 'eau

Its wine's kettle-like bottles and cobblestone-like hard soaps (the soaps of its many types of soap have hooks) are all the epitomizes of the good taste of the bathroom.

Appear place: Serbian Alfonso XIII hotel, Helsinki Kamp hotel


Great Britain

COWSHED's literal translation is "barn", in these days, essential oils products seem all painted with black and white plants atlas on the body of the bottle, actually, it's inseparable with the club hotel brand Soho House.



Yes, Samantha of the Sex and the City who applied for the membership card of the Soho House but failed repeatedly, and then picked up a card and enjoyed a summertime, high-order summer home. Celebrity socialite Olivia Palermo and her male model husband Johannes Huebl and some other celebrities are the Soho House members.


Cowshed initially was just a spa room of the Soho House barn style, because it is difficult to find a natural skin care products that full compliance with its tune, it creates its own Cowshed product line, and all of its raw materials are picked from the famous Walled Garden picking, injected aromatherapy oil that was gathered around the world, the Cowshed products are made from it and the still insist one hundred percent British manufacturing.

In addition to its special bottle design, the name of the Cowshed series is also quite hilarious.



Grumpy Cow, Knackered Cow, Wild Cow, Horny Cow, Lazy Cow, Moody Cow...You can always find the one that suits you best.




So, if you stay in Soho House, must remember to bring the beautiful Cowshed amenities home, these bottles are enough to decorate your home into a grunge-like garden.

Appear place: SOHO HOUSE

9. Panpuri


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel should be the best hotel for its amenity, actually, I will pay particular attention to all the amenity brands it has been used and I am very concerned about it. When the Mandarin Oriental Hotel come out in Milan it has chosen a Thai brand Panpuri.



Panpuri is a combination of "sagacious" and "palace/holy place" in Thai. It was a newborn which was only started in 2003, but it still adheres to traditional method and now it has occupied in the apex of the pyramid in Thai Spa brands.


In addition to appearing in the top-level stores of the hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Harvey Nichols, Panpuri is also been deeply loved by the Thai royal family.


At the moment, the hotel's keenest requisition for Panpuri is the Thai jasmine and mint as a reserved fragrance, its refreshing smell can help you relax on a tired and irritable journey.

Appear place: Milan Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Chiang mai 137 Pillars

10. Jo Malone

Great Britain

Jo Malone is in the process of transforming to common perfume, but its perfume modulation power is still worth applauding. The founder Jo Malone love to blend perfume from an early age when her adult life began, she began to work in the daytime, and in the evening she doing face care for her clients in her kitchen. Once, she gave homemade myristica fragrant and ginger flower fragrance bath oil to her clients, and later it has a great vogue.

jo malone1.jpg

Ja Malone

Since then, this non-professional perfumer depends on her amazing perfume control and talent, created a large number of only 1 to 2 kinds of main perfume which are loyal to the plant itself, wrapping with black and white packing and suitable for many fragrances conjunction spray perfume.

jo malone1.jpg

Ja Malone

With a sense of smell fashion and absorption towards cross-boundary, HongKong land Mandarin Oriental Hotel is among the first hotels that start using Jo Malone amenities, after that, Shangri-la, London, and Hong Kong peninsula are all successively introduced Jo Malone amenities to its high order suite.

Appear place: Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London Shangri-la suite, Hong Kong peninsula

11. Diptyque

The French

In 1961, interior designer Christian Gautrot, painter Desmond Knox-leet, and theater director Yves Coueslant were at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Avenue, Paris. Diptyque's perfume has no fancy name and is usually named after its taste. The fragrances are pure, retro, and the aroma is not complex but reflects the uniqueness of each fragrance.



The Mandarin Oriental, who specialized in the preparations of bathroom amenities, made Diptyque their amenity supplier when Mandarin Oriental Hotel first hotel move into Paris, and it is the earliest hotel that adopts Diptyque.

After that, the Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel also introduced the whole Diptyque series to its hotel based on the concept of the fantasy castle.

Appear place: Paris Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel

12. Penhaligon 's

Great Britain

This brand's amenity has got a roaring reputation when moving into the file of hotel salon fragrance. The motives of Penhaligon's perfume mixture are extremely accidental. Founder William Penhaligon once opened a facial repairing shop next to the Piccadilly Avenue.



The hot and humid steam, the soap, the bath oil and Wilde-like British idealism inspired William's passion for the perfume modulation. In 1872, Penhaligon's first perfume was born, and the perfume's name is called “ the Hammam Bouquet ".



This perfume seems to will lead you to an ancient room where there is the smell of rosin and old books lingering. The Blenheim Bouquet which was introduced in 1902 by Penhaligon's, was Churchill's favorite perfume, and it still got the two royal plaques.



My first time met Penhaligon's amenity was in the Langham London hotel, and they chose Quercus fragrance at that time. Pen's introverted England style is a natural counterpoint to the legendary antique hotel.

Appear place: Belmond Hotel Splendido, London Landmark

13. Le Labo

The United States

Le Labo is another salon-scented brand that has been taken away by Estee Lauder after Jo Malone, Le Labo, however, apparently still maintains a higher social status price, which is remaining at the price twice as expensive as Jo Malone.


Le Labo, meaning "laboratory" in French, and it was simple and crude in both its store, product image, and packaging. Every drop of Le Labo perfume is absolutely worthy of the high bills you paid. And the purchase of Le Labo will give you a sense of customization that is superior to other brands -- the perfume will be filled on the spot, label your name, purchase date and place, and the perfume bottle can be recycled.


Le Labo

Le Labo's focus on fragrance, personalized and unique style of the accused was favored by many luxury hotels, The Park Hyatt is one them, it adopt a large number of Le Labo 22 in its hotel in the Sydney, Beijing, and Guangzhou, its flagship hotel in New York also introduced perfume Tubereuse 40 which represent the characteristics of the New York City. Two years, Fairmont Hotels give up the cooperation with its long-term partner Miller Harris and switched to Le Labo's most popular perfume Rose No. 31.

le labo 3

Le Labo

The popular brand EDITION that was created with the cooperation of the godfather of design hotel Ian Schrager and the Marriott Hotel has bred Le Labo's first perfume that does not contain numbers——EDITION, and the EDITION hotel Sanya that is opening soon has determined to put full set Le Labo EDITION perfume as its amenity in the guest room.


Le Labo

The brand new luxury hotel L 'horizon Resort in California that is reinvented from a tycoon's private residence has just introduced the perfume Santal 33.


Le Labo

Le Labo also made it to the world's most luxurious "hotel in the sky" - Etihad Airways first class. In ten thousand high skies, you will be able to bath with Le Labo's shower gel and find a full set customized Le Labo body care series in a stylish middle easterly stylish wash bag.

Appear place: Park Hyatt Hotel, Fairmont, EDITION, L 'horizon Resort, Gramercy Park, Etihad Airways

14. Lorenzo Villoresi


The Four Seasons Hotel does have a special interest in Oshudan, but in recent years, Lorenzo Villoresi has had a strong rising position in the Four Seasons Hotel.


Lorenzo Villoresi

Stars such as Brad Pitt are all loyal fans to Lorenzo Villoresi perfume. Founded in 1990 by a perfume master Lorenzo Villoresi who has been studied and lived in the Middle East for a long time, the mysterious oriental elements always occupy an important position in his perfume works.


Lorenzo Villoresi

Therefore, the Four Seasons Hotels of Florence (the birthplace of LV) and many other oriental cities (Shanghai Pudong and Seoul) have all specially invited LV to modulate perfumes for their amenity.


Lorenzo Villoresi

Most of their amenities will use the hexagonal bottle of LV perfume, and, of course, the hexagonal bottle is more likely to be removed due to its high cost. Andaz Hotel Shanghai and Rosewood Beijing are all using amenity produced by LV.


Lorenzo Villoresi

Appear places: Four Seasons Hotel (Shanghai Pudong, Florence, Seoul), Andaz Hotel Shanghai, Rosewood Beijing

After viewing the above 14 organic care, fragrance and designer brands that are now in the hotel bathroom. We will suddenly realize that the hotel bathroom is actually the showcase where all the major brands are the scramble to show and to display their products, meanwhile, it is also the most famous "cross-boundary" in the hotel world. So, have you find the amenity of your stock traveling wash bag?

Le Labo

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