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Convenience Of Disposable Products

YILANMEI, disposable goods supply co., Ltd., since its inception, relying on its own factories, specializes in the production and supply of disposable goods. And with customer satisfaction as the service-oriented limited company. The main products are disposable hotel supplies, paper cup caps and so on. The products are made of environmentally friendly materials. Paper has good transparency, sealing performance and pressure resistance.

The company has a team with many years of management experience in the field of plastic products processing and trade, full of vigor and fashion ideas, and implements comprehensive quality and safety management. All products have passed the national QS standards, SGS safety, and quality standards and testing of international authoritative bodies.

The company adheres to the mission of developing environmental protection industry, strives for development with specialty, focus, and innovation, strives for survival with quality, and contributes its own meager strength to the environmental protection industry.

We have our own core corporate culture. With these concepts, we will devote ourselves to the research and development and production of plastic products and provide more, better and more complete services for new and old customers.
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