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Differentiation between Good and Bad Disposable Toothbrushes in Hotels

Disposable toothbrush bulk is divided into two parts, the first is the toothbrush handle material. From the material difference, there are two kinds of material, polystyrene, and polyethylene, the disposable toothbrush made of polystyrene is hard, there will be a bang when falling from a high place, in normal use, it will not be broken under the condition that the force does not exceed the load. The new material of polyphenylene has good transparency and brightness. Now the toothbrush made of this material is mainly used in some high-end hotels. Hotel disposable toothbrushes. At present, many hotels choose two colors when purchasing hotel disposable toothbrushes, which can distinguish two guests in standard rooms from using their own toothbrushes.

Toothbrush bristles are also the key to distinguish one-off disposable toothbrush bulk. High-end hotels use sharpened bristles, nylon bristles, and Duponts. These bristles are soft and elastic, and usually, have hair loss and short hair. Hotels should pay attention to the distinction when purchasing disposable goods.

The toothbrush handle made of polypropylene is mainly used in Hotels with low requirements. Polypropylene disposable toothbrushes can incorporate many color masterbatches. Manufacturers of hotel disposable toothbrushes often make articles on the quality of these toothbrushes, including secondary and tertiary recycling. The more times the toothbrush is returned, the softer the handle of the toothbrush will be. Some irregular hotel disposable products manufacturers even add some garbage powder to the toothbrush. It is of poor quality. When customers use disposable toothbrushes, it is easy for the head of the toothbrush to break in their mouth. The bristles of the toothbrush are also relatively poor handle silk bristles. Once brushed, they will be completely deformed.

Toothbrushes are washing utensils in direct contact with the cavity. Hotels need to distinguish between good and bad toothbrushes when purchasing disposable toothbrushes.

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