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Explosive Bath Artifact Bath Cap

For people who like to bathe, a bathing cap is an indispensable thing for showers and hot springs. Beautiful and fashionable appearance, soft and comfortable, waterproof and breathable, bath cap is a necessary product for ladies to bathe, protect their hair, make-up, remove makeup and make-up. At the same time, the hotel must consider disposable items.

Although the bathing cap has become a common "bathing necessity" in modern urban life. Bath caps were created with the development of the times. After entering modern society, people began to tend to shower more sanitarily and healthily. Bath caps were also developed at this time. In order not to wet hair or make ears not easy to get water, people invented a kind of hair and ears wrapped. Waterproof cap. Up to now, the use of bathing caps has been widespread, and major hotels are equipped with bulk disposable shower caps.

Wearing bathing caps during showers can not only avoid touching water droplets on ears, hair, etc. when women make a facial mask, but they will also put long hair into a bun and then plug them into the bath cap to keep their faces clean. The bulk disposable shower caps are convenient and hygienic, which can bring comfortable living experience to the users.

And after the bathing cap has played its "classic" role, there are many other gods summed up other functions of the shower cap: when the hair oil is temporarily washed, when it is covered with hair, the hair needs to be covered when it is applied. "Anti-Sky Travel Arrangement" which is popular on the Internet has the shadow of a bathroom cap. When we are finished traveling, we can put the socks that we haven't had time to wash into the bulk disposable shower caps provided by the hotel and roll them into the luggage, which not only isolates the odor but also realizes the utilization of the suitcase space.
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