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How Great is a Disposable Shower Cap?

Based on the personal experience of many people, everyone will use disposable shower caps Whether it is for waterproof when you are bathing or for shoes packed, it is convenient and hygienic.

As a person who has difficulty in shampooing, he dares not shampoo easily, and his hair is badly damaged and hard to blow dry. Shower caps are a necessity in hotels, and if they are not equipped, they will be stored in convenience stores.

However, shower caps are also prepared at home. Shower caps on the market are not waterproof and can easily be broken. After changing five shower caps in three months, the convenience of disposable shower caps was discovered.

The disposable shower cap is strip-shaped when it is not taken apart, so it is well accepted in the bag. It is very big when it is taken apart. It can put all the hair in it. The waterproof effect is very good. The leather band can also hold the head, and it can not slip or stop.

It's disposable but also very durable. Hotels can keep disposable shower caps in bulk, and people who love beauty can also keep them.

Besides, disposable shower caps can be used to cover head and it can also be used to cover soles, so that shoes in the suitcase will not dirty clothes. It is convenient and neat.
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