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How to Use the Hotel Razors Conveniently in the Hotel?

The hotel tourism industry has always been a lively industry, and hotel razors as one of the hotel supplies, its importance is self-evident. Now let's see how the imported stainless steel razor blade can be used more comfortably.

Step 1: Clean the razor and hands, and wash the face (especially where the beard is).

Step 2: Pat some warm water on your face so that your pore opens up and your beard softens. Then apply the shaving lotion or shaving cream product to the whiskers (so as to reduce the irritation of the blade to the beard), wait for 2~3 minutes, and then start shaving.

Step 3: Shaving usually begins with the upper cheeks on the left and right sides, followed by the beard on the upper lip, followed by the edges and corners of the face. The general principle is to start with the thinnest part of the beard and put the thickest part at the end. (Because shaving cream stays longer, it can be further softened)

Step 4: After cleaning, wash it with warm water, gently dry the scraping area, do not rub hard and then use a non-alcohol containing maintenance lotion or moisturizing formula of the aftercare cream to maintain the skin.

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