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Management Strategy of Disposable Goods in Hotels

When communicating with many distributors, I have expounded such a point of view that in the process of development, large wholesale hotel amenities supplier companies in the country are very mature based on their own direct sales. When marginal benefits cannot continue to improve, they resort to such channels as distributors, whose purpose is to expand channels and ensure maximum revenue.

The general situation of domestic hotel industry is that a large number of hotels have been transformed from official hostels. They have no concept of channel at all, which makes the distribution channel develop rapidly in China, and forms a monopoly pattern, which in turn controls the price of hotel supplies. If this situation is not early awareness and improvement of hotel supplies practitioners, it is bound to continue to drain their profits.

Yangzhou Yilanmei Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. is located in Hangji Industrial Park, Hangji Town, east of Yangzhou City, a famous historical and cultural city with beautiful scenery.

Yangzhou Yilanmei Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and wholesaler of disposable hotel supplies, hotel room supplies, hotel disposable slippers, Hotel six small pieces and other hotel room supplies. Our factory has made unremitting efforts to make it a production-oriented enterprise with industry influence.

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