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Worth Having Hotel Razors

The razor must be listed in the high frequency and necessary products of hotel disposables. Different grade hotels have different product quality specifications and details. But the ultimate goal is mainly to meet the different needs of the experiencer.

Hotel razors
, also known as shaver planers, are made up of razors and shaving cream. The main body of the manual razor is the razor head. The most important part of the razor head is the blade. The quality of the blade directly determines the quality of the razor head, as well as the quality of the whole razor. The quality of the blade, the quantity, and density of the blade and the angle of the blade should be considered. From the quality point of view, the blade of the blade needs to have enough toughness and as little resistance as possible to ensure smooth shaving and durability at the same time. Shaving cream is a kind of chemical agent which can increase shaving comfort and enhance shaving effect. It belongs to oil-in-water emulsifying cream. It mainly consists of oil, water, surfactant, and moisturizer. Shaving cream is generally used for anti-bacterial and lubricating purposes, as well as reducing the friction between the blade and skin during shaving, thus protecting the skin.

Hotels must be cautious about the selection of razors, which will directly affect user experience comfort.

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