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Successful Development Of Paper Covers For Drinking Glasses

At present, most covers for drinking glasses is made of plastic. Recently, we have successfully developed a biodegradable paper covers for drinking glasses made of pulp (renewable energy). The product has a certain degree of water resistance and heat resistance and it can be used as a hot drink lid as well as a cold drink lid. In addition, paper straw base paper developed by Yangzhou YiLanMei Hotel Supplies Co.,Ltd started to provide samples. The base paper is waterproof and suitable for producing paper straws with thread shape.

Recently, as the calls to protect the oceans and use less disposable products increase, there is also a growing demand for alternatives to plastic products. Yangzhou YiLanMei Hotel Supplies Co.,Ltd will use our own technology to accelerate the development of plastic materials that can be naturally degraded and plastic replacement products, multi-functional paper products, contributing to reducing environmental load.

Yangzhou YiLanMei Hotel Supplies Co.,Ltd professionally provides disposable slippers for star hotels, all kinds of high, middle and low grade slippers, hotel disposable slippers, paper covers for drinking glasses, hotel disposable supplies, and hotel disposable supplies wholesale. We will adhere to the development ideas of the sustainable development and moderate expansion. We commit to building us into the strong power in hotel supplies market and provide comfortable, convenient and meticulous service for people's life, vacation and leisure.
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