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The Classification of Coasters

The classification of coasters

Coasters can be divided into the following types according to the material:

1. paper coaster

Due to its fragile nature,  it can not be washed with water, usually for one-time use.

2. wooden coaster

Wooden coasters are practical and durable, but the color and type are too monotonous.

3.  plastic coaster

The plastic coaster that makes with PVC plastic, has various models, for instance, cartoon model, brand model, imitating model, etc. It is more outstanding to add company logo, which is not only practical, but also has a very good visual effect and advertisement effect. In addition, the coasters made of PP material and the combination of PP top surface and EVA bottom surface also sell well in foreign countries.

4. metal coaster

It is mainly the tinplate, equally lightweight and durable.

5. detain flower  coaster

Extracting the blooming flowers in nature, after finishing, processing, using special tools for dehydration, making it maintain the original color, and then through the author's conception, design, pasting into a new shape, giving it a new life.

6. silicone coaster

As long as the use of food-grade silicone on the human body is harmless, safe and non-toxic, the useful "multi-color integrated molding process" can have more colorful appearance. It Is now one of the most popular advertising promotional gifts.

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