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The Future of Disposable Toothbrushes

Now the hotel rooms for the guests have a disposable toothbrush. If guests bring a toothbrush, they do not need to use the disposable toothbrushes  of hotel. if not, guests can use the free toothbrushes that hotel provides. Although there are a lot of people rejecting the hotel to provide a disposable toothbrush,  for the consideration of hotel's comprehensive services for guests and the use convenience of guests, the hotel should continue to provide a disposable toothbrush for guests in the future development.

Disposable toothbrushes are different from the ones that people often use in their daily life. They will be thrown away after few uses. A disposable toothbrush can be used once or twice, which is convenient for people to travel or go on business. Although its quality is not the best, it will not cause damage to teeth. However, if used for a long time, it is not supported, because it will cause some damage to the teeth and gums.Therefore, people who use disposable toothbrushes are not advised to use them for too long in order to protect their teeth.

From the above content, it can be seen that the use of disposable toothbrush has advantages and disadvantages, so whether the hotel should continue to provide guests with disposable toothbrush or not in the future development? As far as the present situation is concerned, most guests will still use disposable toothbrushes when they come to the hotel. It is suggested that the hotel continue to prepare disposable toothbrushes for guests.

Although disposable toothbrushes' quality is bad, because of it's hard material, but a few uses of it won't cause too great harm. Most guests may come to hotel guests without bringing their own toothbrush, or feel that bringing their own toothbrush is not very convenient, the hotel need to provide them one-time toothbrush in the guest room for their convenience. For these reasons, the hotel will continue to provide disposable toothbrushes in the future development.

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